Peace Building and Conflict Transformation

In the world today, many conflicts that escalate into armed violence are preventable. By up scaling and sustaining the intensity and efficacy of peacebuilding work and coordination, we want to play a central role to support communities to build common ground to avoid violence. We believe that peace works better when people and communities are helped to transform conflict into positive action, to promote nonviolent ways of managing conflicts, and to address underlying factors that cause violent conflict. Our people-centric Peacebuilding Program therefore aims to reduce the threats and impacts of conflict and armed violence. We want to be at the forefront of developing robust and holistic approaches focusing on institutions, local community engagement, youth empowerment and agency. We support local and national development by being part of the larger system that creates a peaceful and secure environment to harness socio-economic growth. Through our adaptable, responsive programming, we work with communities to build trust, promote cohesion, and enhance resilience.
We want to make peacebuilding impact by:

  • Innovating contextualized conflict early warning and response system strategies that promote honest communication, mutual respect, and shared responsibility in managing conflict to support cohesion and resilience right from the grassroots,
  • Promoting local efforts on the ground as a cost-effective way of addressing root causes, preventing future violence, and ending violence cycles by identifying likely challenges and threats, engaging with contingency plans, and detecting blind spots.
  • Contributing to a local and systemic understanding of conflict affected contexts.
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