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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Leonardo Da Vinci.

In today’s generation, we may find a wide variety of people who are basically interested in making it complex to have a simple life. Everyone wants to be known as cool and unique which makes them different from one another but as human beings, he or she is still the same. In life, actually being simple can earn you a lot of discipline, manners and even the actual value of time. Usually, people think that backbone of life is just to enjoy it any way you want to but it does not work that way. Simplicity is essential to life. Simplicity is beauty and power. Less is more. Life is fundamentally simple, we as humans tend to complicate things. We always try to find the complexity of a subject. To simplify a complex idea, design, strategy, style, etc. is an art. By complicating your life, you lose the ability to think clearly. Simplicity in your life can make you happier, more focused, more productive, and more successful.

Benaras has always surprised me and shocked me to an extent.
While I would click these pictures, the washer man would ask me my purpose of doing so . And I laughed it off by saying that I was experimenting with my camera . I didn’t click their pictures but I clicked the pictures of the clothes . Actually I didn’t have an answer to that question myself.
I aimlessly clicked the pictures. Not thinking about the future. Because there was an instant urge from inside. Like somebody was whispering into my mind , about how captivating and mesmeric were the design,pattern, shape and colors .
I’m glad ,that I am able to represent Benaras exactly how I pictured it in my mind. Simple, yet honest . What about you ?

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