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Some creatures live their lives according to rules they themselves have invented. They can easily make concessions regarding these rules when it comes to their own worldly desires. Because they have no guide who will direct the course of their lives, ensure they maintain a stable character, and whom they have a total belief. For that reason, their characters are prone to sudden variations. Among the distinguishing features of such animals are, for instance, their suddenly acting aggressively toward people around them although they have been perfectly calm just five minutes ago.
The fundamental reason for this behavioural defect that all believers must scrupulously avoid, is that such beasts fail to frame their behaviour, actions, thoughts and reactions to events . They stay in their own world and are prone to minding their own business. A human is predictable and foreseeable , but that is not the case when it comes to animals. Animals are incalculable which in times can lead to danger . Therefore they are in need of a master to train them .
Unpredictability is a known and accepted aspect of human behaviour much like we’ve always viewed predictable aspects of personality. However, until now it has never been studied in animals. Will this unpredictability be predictable in near or far future ?

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